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Welcome, netizens!
Thank you for visiting the Hyundai Group

The aim of the Hyundai Group is to develop the
national economy through successful business
enterprise, and to work for the long-term benefit
and well-being of the 70 million people of North
and South Korea.

In pursuit of this ideal, our founder Chung
Ju-yung, and the former chairman Chung Mong-hun, left their mark on Korean industrial
development on every sector from construction
and heavy industry, to automobiles
to semiconductors.

In 1998, Chung Ju-yung opened the door to the North by driving a herd of cows across
the border in a humanitarian gesture - almost
half a century after the nation was divided.
This simple act of generosity began a new era of reconciliation and co-operation between North
and South, and precipitated the Mt. Kumgang
tourism enterprise and the Gaesung industrial
complex development. Both of these are
expected to have great and growing effects.

Also I am deeply concerned to foster the
involvement and example of the Hyundai Group, and to be where we are needed at this time
in Korean history.

I will strive to open up a promising future with
Hyundai’s characteristic ‘can-do’ approach and

I have confidence and pride in the Hyundai
Group, and it is an honor to head a corporation
so highly regarded by the nation - and indeed
the world.

All netizens are welcome to share in our great
enterprise of development and reconciliation!

Chairwoman, the Hyundai Group
Hyun Jeong-eun