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Hyundai Research Institute
Hyundai Research Institute provides consulting, economy related research, HRD consulting, and education. Through activities in developing strategies for corporations, training and management of talented workers, and researching economic policies, HRI presents direction for corporate management and the national economy.
Leading Products
Knowledge Based Economy
The only domestic report to provide up-to-date information o
n securing new sources for development and new managem
ent strategies for the Korean economy and corporations to su
stain growth in the 21st century’s Era of Knowledge Based Ec
HRI ValuMatrix
-HRI ValuMatrix is a framework for setting up middle and long
term development strategies through the utilization of the valu
e chain concept
-Carries out market structure analysis that selects and evalu
ates business models existing within a chosen field through t
he utilization of the business value chain concept.
-Carries out competitiive analysis on management functions
of a corporation through the utilization of the functional value
-Searches for strategic direction for corporations by analyzin
g CSF portfolio
-Presents long term vision, management goals, and strategie
s for corporations
HRI Analysis on Validation of a Business
-Research on the possibility of successful new business es
through analysis of practicality, rationality, and subjectivity a
s a preliminary action.
-The research seeks to create the most desirable corporate
plan by measuring the possible risks and eliminate factors th
at would induce failure of the business, or through counselin
g on not starting businesses with a low chance for success.
The details of such research include marketability analysis, t
echnicality analysis, finance analysis, and management abili
ty evaluation.
HRI BOC Analysis
-HRI BOC (Base of Competition) analysis is a framework for s
earching out what BOC is necessary to acquire long-term co
mpetitiveness, with a focus on achieving management goal
-BOC represents the collective competitive factors that woul
d have considerable influence on the position of a competive
-Sequence: Preliminary preparations → Recognition and co
mmon perceptions of reality → BOC selection → Evaluation o
n competitiveness → Derivation of anti-competitive measure
s → Implementation
HRI Research on Level of Satisfaction
-The first step in managing satisfaction of the two kinds of cor
porate customers, namely the employees(internal customer
s) and the buyers(external customers), is research on satisf
action levels.
-HRI’s high-tech telephone research lab, FGI lab, nationwid
e network, structural surveyor system, and scientific analytic
al system ensure highly reliable research results.
-Many years of experience in market, economy, and socia re
search provide superior insight and in-depth analysis not fou
nd among other survey companies.
Weekly Economy
Major domestic and international economic trends and issues are analyzed weekly and provided to opinion leaders in the areas of politics, economy, and journalism.
This weekly publication functions as an opinion maker in the f
ormulation of current issue policies.
Reunification Information Bank
The best domestic specialized portal DB on the reunification
economy that systematically and promptly provides domestic
and international information and materials on the promotion o
f exchange and cooperation between the two Koreas in the e
conomic, political, social, and cultural arenas.
Cosmo Research Center
The only domestic research center wholly devoted to market r
esearch to carry out working surveys of domestic economic s
cenarios for the formulation of more realistic policies and strat
egies freed from the discontinuities between economic and m
anagement theory and the reality.
Leadership Academy
Leadership Academy is a comprehensive leadership progra
m created by infusing theories of both domestic and internatio
nal professors and HRI with the rich practical experience of H
RD. This program is designed to maximize the leadership qu
alities required at different levels of position and responsibilit
y within an organization.
It is already receiving recognition for its contributions to impro
ved organizational performance by many corporations.
Organization Activation Program
The education focuses on helping individuals to actively parti
cipate in realizing organizational goals and possessing the c
ommon set of values and opinions for enabling exhibition of th
e organizational synergy effect. The program is designed to b
e customized to best suit the needs and circumstances of th
e participating organization.

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