Group introduction

With endless change and innovation, the Hyundai Group
will grow into the center of the future and the world.


Let's move forward
with hope for a new
leap for the
Hyundai Group.

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In the history of power generation in Korea, the “Hyundai Group”
means more than just words for a company.

The Hyundai Group entered overseas markets before anyone else,
demonstrating that Korea's economic territory does not remain on the Korean Peninsula.

It has driven Korea's economic growth with its indomitable will and
creative challenges,and has been fulfilling its destiny for reunification, the long-cherished dream of the nation, by crossing the armistice border with 1,001 cattle and opening Geumgangsan and the Kaesong Industrial Complex.

Now, our Hyundai Group is ready to take a new leap forward.
Inheriting the group's management philosophy of “creating a prosperous
tomorrow with challenges for dreams and hopes and creative foresight,”
we will grow into a world-leading company through constant change and innovation.

The Hyundai Group will make every effort to enhance corporate value and
strengthen competitiveness. In addition, we will continue eco-friendly
technological innovation and social contribution activities for sustainable growth.

We ask for your interest and love for the Hyundai Group of dreams and hopes.
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