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We will continue to change and innovate based
on advanced management, talent and technology.

Affiliated company

The Hyundai Group is a representative company in Korea
that has been leading the nation’s economy while keeping
pace with the development of Korea.

In the rapidly changing domestic and overseas business environment,
the Hyundai Group's vigorous efforts to emerge as a world-class company begins.
When Hyundai moves, the world moves.

Hyundai Group

Hyundai Elevator

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Established: May 23, 1984
  • Business vision and strategy

    - Go GLOBAL! Let’s go into the world!

    - Strengthening global competitiveness through 4.0 innovation

    - Stabilization of overseas business

  • Main business

    - Lifts (elevators, escalators, moving walks)

    - Parking system (automobile parking system)

Hyundai Asan

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Established: February 5, 1999
  • Business vision and strategy

    - Creating a successful business model for North and South Korean economic cooperation projects such as tourism, industrial complex, and SOC development

    - Advancing as a first-class construction company based on excellent technology and focus on the domestic construction business

    - Development and expansion of various tourism and distribution businesses

  • Main business

    - South and North Korean economic cooperation projects

    - Construction business

    - Tourism and distribution business

    - Other projects: Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects

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Hyundai Movex images

Hyundai Movex

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Established: August 1, 2011
  • Business vision and strategy

    - Securing global status by business group

    - Expansion of new growth business base

    - Establishment of 4T organizational culture

  • Main business

    - Smart logistics automation business

    - Elevator safety door (Platform Screen Door) manufacturing business

    - IT service business

Hyundai Research Institute

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Established: October 10, 1986
  • Business vision and strategy

    - The Hyundai Economics Research Institute leads the advanced Korean economy in the 21st century by devoting itself to economic research and human resource development with the conscience of intellectuals and a creative challenging spirit, and presenting the best policy alternatives and new corporate strategies.

  • Main business

    - Economic and industrial studies

    - Management consulting business

    - Education business (ON/OFF/GLOBAL)

    - Knowledge service (CreativeTV)

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Hyundai Investment Partners images

Hyundai Investment Partners

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Established: May 2, 2008
  • Business vision and strategy

    - Business vision: Leap to a domestic info-top 3 new technology business finance company

    - Promotion strategies : · Continuous exploration of new technologies
    · Discovery of promising startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
    · Formation of a wide investment network

  • Main business

    - Investment in promising venture companies

    - Establishment and operation of venture investment association

    - Establishment and operation of a management-participant collective investment fund (PEF)

    - Provision of management and financial consulting services

Hyundai Global

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Established: April 3, 2019
  • Business vision and strategy

    - A trustworthy renewable partner

    - Providing the best quality and service

  • Main business

    - Renewable energy business EPC

    - Investment, development and consulting related to renewable energy

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Able Hyundai Hotel & Resort

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Established: June 1, 2010
  • Business vision and strategy

    - No. 1 high-end private membership club

    - Providing world-class hotel and resort services

    - Korea's best premium dessert and bakery brand

  • Main business

    - Operate membership club

    - Operate hotels and resorts

    - Operate bakery business

Bloomvista Hotel & Conference

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Established: October 24, 2013
  • Business vision and strategy

    - Bloomvista presents a new paradigm for the education and service industry

    - Realizing customer satisfaction with the best service by the best training and service experts

  • Main business

    - Education and training

    - Tourism, accommodation and services

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Hyundai Network images

Hyundai Network

Established: July 1, 2005
  • Business vision and strategy

    - Leading company in the field of management advice and consulting

    - Realizing customer satisfaction by providing the best service

  • Main business

    - Provide shared services in management support areas (accounting, HR, general affairs) of Hyundai Group affiliated company

Hyundai GBFMS

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Established: October 7, 2015
  • Business vision and strategy

    - As the only authentic IFM service provider in Korea, introduces the IFM business model in the market and lead the domestic market.

    - Self-provided IFM service in APAC countries through overseas subsidiaries(China, Vietnam, Japan, etc.)

    - Realization of East to West model of IFM business through Hyundai GB FMS with various domestic and overseas customer/affiliated company networks

  • Main business

    - Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) service

    - Property Management Service

    - MRO service

    - Real estate consulting in connection with IFM solution

    - Customized private house integrated management service with Hyundai GB Retail, a affiliated company

    - Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) consulting

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