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Hyundai Elevator Expands Boundaries Through Open API

- Synchronizes with robots, AI speakers, smart phones, home networks, and other systems
- New services and platform businesses to expand through connection reinforcement

Hyundai Elevator (CEO Cho Jae-cheon) revealed an open Application Program Interface (API) that can be connected with the company’s various services on the 31st.

API uses operation systems, applications, and libraries to interface application programs. An open API enables an open environment for anyone to use.

Hyundai Elevator’s newly revealed open API is a standardized interface centered on elevators. It can provide services for connection to various external systems such as robots, AI speakers, or smart phones without further development.

Currently, the services that can be provided through the open API are robot synchronization, in which robots call the elevator to deliver food and items, and long-distance calling, which calls elevators through AI speakers installed in a household. It is connected to the Building Management System (BMS) to expand into services and home networks that can control elevators according to natural disasters, crimes, and other relevant situations.

Prospecting system and device business partners that hope to synchronize services with Hyundai Elevator may log onto the portal site (https://developers.hyundaielevator.com/) to use the open API.

Earlier, Hyundai Elevator had signed collaborative contracts with KT in June, Woowa Brothers in July, and LG Electronics in August. The company had also driven solution synchronization for AI voice recognition devices, service robots, and smart building solutions.

Cho Jae-cheon, CEO, said, “We would like to initiate diverse collaborations with system and device enterprises through the launch of our open API. We plan to build a new elevator service ecosystem and expand our platform businesses.”